Peter Mekhaeil

Make changes to a dependency using pnpm patch

pnpm patch allows you to make changes to a dependency package without having to wait for the package maintainers to release the changes.

It first extracts the package into a temporarily directory and asks you to make the changes.

$ pnpm patch my-pkg@1.0.0
You can now edit the following folder: /tmp/5ea276f0eeb3585ea64ddf4b3b7ef377

Once you've made the changes, you patch up the changes using pnpm patch-commit:

$ pnpm patch-commit /tmp/5ea276f0eeb3585ea64ddf4b3b7ef377

This will create a patchfile in your project and pnpm will use this each time you do an pnpm install.

pnpm will reference patches in package.json:

"pnpm": {
  "patchedDependencies": {
    "my-pkg@1.0.0": "patches/my-pkg@1.0.0.patch"