Peter Mekhaeil

Proxying Ackee through Netlify

Proxying the requests to Ackee through Netlify comes with some advantages:

Netlify Redirects can redirect requests to external services and this is how we will be setting up our proxy rewrites.

Adding the rewrite rules

Netlify Redirects rules are configured in a file called _redirects. Create the file if you do not have one already. Here are the rules to use:

/script.js 200
/api 200

What we have done is proxying these paths to an external path on another domain: -> ->

Update the path in your script tag

You will need to update the Ackee script to reference the new path:


Verify the changes

Verify the proxy is working by seeing your website making requests to /script.js and /api and that they respond with status 200.